Today's Exchange RateGBP 1.00 = 000.00 NGN

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Our staffs ensure that everything is explained fully, clearly and without any jargon. All of our consultants and office staff are highly professional workforce; able and equipped to meet all your needs.

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    Guaranteed exchange rates.

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    No more standing in lines or filling out forms - Confirm bank transfer to Alpha omega and the money would be at the destination in minutes.

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    Please send us an email or contact us via Enquiry form and member of staff will get back to you within few minutes. Alternatively sign up to set up an account.

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    Trusted by thousands of clients.

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Ways of sending money

  • Walk into our office

    Walk into our office, fill a transfer form, make payment and the designated account is credited within minutes.

  • Online Transfer

    Sign up to set up an account. Once your account is set up, it is incredibly easy to transfer money to a designated account on a regular basis.

  • Via phone or sms

    Call us on 0800 048 8629 or 020 7998 6009 to arrange a money transfer via phone or sms.